Watermelon St. Germain Boozesicles

Watermelon St. Germain Boozesicles

Watermelon St. Germain Popsicle

I’m a little bit obsessed with boozy popsicles right now. I can’t help it. They’re such a treat.

Here’s my latest boozy pop, guys. Watermelon, vodka, and St. Germain. I had one for breakfast this morning.

Watermelon St. Germain Vodka Boozesicle


2 cups watermelon puree
4 tbs vodka
3 tbs St. Germain
1 tbs honey
a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Watermelon St. Germain Popsicle

Blend it all together, freeze it, and eat it. Now grab a watermelon and get to it.

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Bourbon Date Shake Boozesicles

Bourbon Date Shake Boozesicles

Bourbon Date Shake Boozesicles

After making my last batch of boozesicles I was feeling creative and took to the bar cart to see what other concoctions I could get into. I picked up the bourbon because it’s my husband’s fave and because he not so subtly requested it. We have a few pounds of dates left over from our trip to the date farmand I thought those would probably taste really good with bourbon. In fact when ever I…

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So, last week we were having our usual, annoying “Hey, what do you want for dinner?” discussion.

Oh, you guys know the one. It goes like this…

I finally yelled out “NACHOS! I WANT NACHOS!”. We agreed that we would make nachos if we made them like the ones at Cheesecake Factory. If you don’t already know, the nachos at CF have cheese sauce AND regular cheese on them. So this meant we would need to make nacho cheese sauce for our delicious nachos. So we did. I don’t regret a thing.

You can use whatever cheese you want but I love pepper jack cheese. It’s a little bit spicy and melts down well to make a nice, creamy dip.